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Delivery of the vacuum chamber for the CHEOPS lab

Setup of the vacuum chamber for CHEOPS

Delivery and setup of the vacuum chamber for CHEOPS


Unique test chamber for CHEOPS is installed!

An outstanding vacuum chamber in a brand new laboratory is now waiting for the space telescope CHEOPS at the Center for Space and Habitability (CSH) of the University of Berne. Space experts will put the completely assembled flight instrument in the chamber and calibrate it therein under space conditions. At five and a half tones, [...]


CHEOPS Image Video https://youtu.be/7hK934I74t0 CHEOPS mission visualization https://youtu.be/-l_A_UJJTOM

CHEOPS Webpage in new design

The CHEOPS homepage has undergone an overhaul and presents itself in a completely new design. We hope you enjoy the update!

Old CHEOPS image updated

The CHEOPS design has evolved and we have rendered a new image of the CHEOPS satellite that is better in line with the new design. See the titlepage for another perspective of the new image. Here we show the old image for reference next to the new one. Major changes are: The big sun shield has [...]

Very first concept drawing

This is one of the first design concepts for the CHEOPS spacecraft.