CHEOPS-Children’s Drawings Campaign

The drawings are now engraved on the plaques that will be mounted to the CHEOPS telescope. Find your miniaturised drawing on the plaques:

The children drawings campaign was very successful. Switzerland and the other participating countries received thousands of drawings of which we now drew the selection of 3000 winning entries (lottery) that will be flying together with CHEOPS into space.

Is your drawing among them?
You can check quickly by following this link. If you’d like more information and tips how to narrow the search down, please follow the instructions below.

Will you see your name?
No, in order to protect your personal data, we anonymized all entries before making them available on our webpage. Nevertheless it is very easy to check whether your drawing made it and was selected, just read the short instruction below and follow the link at the end.

Detailed instructions for checking whether your drawing was selected:

  1. Follow the link below, you should see a map of Europe.
  2. Hover above and click the country, to which you submitted your drawing. Click “show pictures”.
  3. Only if you are from Switzerland: Click on your canton, click “show pictures”.
  4. Be patient, it might take a while to load the images.
  5. You can now browse the images and lookout for your drawing.
  6. You can also try to narrow it down by searching for your ZIP code. If you used your school’s address, it will be the school’s ZIP code. If neither address nor ZIP code were provided, we used the first ZIP code of the country’s capital city as e.g.  3000 for Bern or 10115 for Berlin.

We hope that you are able to find your drawing with these instructions, good luck!

Here is the link to the flying drawings:
Selected entries of the CHEOPS children drawings campaign

What happens next?
In the next six months, the department of applied Informatics and Technics of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) in Burgdorf will miniaturise the drawings by a factor of 1000 and engrave them on two metal plaques that will fly into space. After this, the plaques will be attached to the CHEOPS satellite by a prominent representative of the confederation a few months before launch. CHEOPS is planned to be launch-ready end of 2017, if all goes well.

We will be updating this webpage regularly as the campaign progresses. Please come back!
In the meanwhile, you can find more interesting information by navigating the links below:
Official Cheops Homepage
ESA’s CHEOPS homepage



The window to participate in the CHEOPS children drawings campaign has closed. We kindly ask you not to send any more drawings to us.
We would like to keep all information about this campaign available, that’s why the original article can still be found here:

Send your drawing into Space!

Together with the CHEOPS Space telescope, we plan to launch 3000 children’s drawings into space. They will be engraved in miniaturized form onto a plaque. The plaque will be mounted to the telescope by a prominent representative of the Swiss Confederation.


Who can participate?
All children between 8 and 14 years that live in Switzerland or another ESA member country can submit a drawing. For Drawing-Campaigns outside Switzerland, respective space agencies are responsible. Participants who do not live in Switzerland should send the drawings to their local space agency.

Participants outside switzerland
A list of contact addresses for the various countries can be found here.

When will the campaign run?
In Switzerland, the Drawing-Campaign started with a series of events on astronomically significant days: On Friday, March 20, Europe could observe a partial solar eclipse, and on Saturday, March 21, was the “Astronomy Day”. The campaign will last until October 31 2015 which will be the last day (postal stamp) when drawings can be accepted.

How can I participate?
The Drawing-Campaign in Switzerland is realized in collaboration with astronomical associations, astronomical observatories, and other organizations. So watch out for events organized by your local astronomy club or other institutions. If you can’t find an event close to you, or if you don’t want to wait, you can participate right now: At all times during the campaign (March 21st – October 31st 2015) you can download the drawing-sheet from the “Downloads” section below and print it at home. You can then create and send your drawing to us by letter using the address that is printed on the drawing-sheet.

What should be drawn?
The topic of the drawing has to be related to space and/or the space telescope CHEOPS.

What should I take into account especially?
The drawing has to be within the defined frame on the prepared drawing-sheet. Even though we’d love colorful drawings, the drawings have to be painted with black crayons or felt-tip pens in black and white. This is the only way they can be engraved on the plaque.

Do I have a guarantee, that my drawing will fly into space?
If possible, all drawings will be sent into space. Should there be more than 3000 submitted drawings, a lottery will decide what drawings will be placed on the plaque.

Final participation conditions
By submitting a drawing the participant child and its parents agree that we may use the drawing for CHEOPS related publications on the Internet, print product, and in media. In a publication, the first name, initial of the last name, and the age of the child may be indicated. Personal data of participants will not be submitted to third parties. With the submission of the drawing, the parents declare their full acceptance of these participation conditions.

Do you want to promote this Drawing-Campaign? Print the poster in the required format:
A2-Poster «CHEOPS-Drawing-Campaign» Version d – Version f – Version e
A3- Poster «CHEOPS- Drawing-Campaign » Version d – Version f – Version e
A4- Poster «CHEOPS- Drawing-Campaign » Version d – Version f – Version e

Do you want to print the prepared drawing-sheet (recommended paperweight min. 150 g/m2)
prepared drawing-sheet Version d – Version f – Version e

Do you want to find out more about the CHEOPS-Mission? Here is the current leaflet:
CHEOPS-Flyer Version d – Version f – Version e

Is your child too young to participate in this Drawing-Campaign? We have created a coloring picture for small children, which you can print and color.
Coloring picture for small children

Do you want a model of the space telescope CHEOPS for your home? Print out the cut-out sheets (recommended paperweight min. 180 g/m2 ) and build CHEOPS yourself.
CHEOPS Papermodel

Do you have a 3D-Printer at your disposal? Download the file and print the space telescope CHEOPS:
CHEOPS-Model for 3D-Printer


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