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CHEOPS launch slot announced

The CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite, CHEOPS, will target 15 October to 14 November 2019 for launch as the European Space Agency ESA announced on 23 November 2018. CHEOPS will lift off on a Soyuz rocket operated by Arianespace from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, sharing the ride into space with a satellite that is part of the [...]

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Connected to space

After a long tour through Europe, the CHEOPS satellite is back at Airbus Defence and Space Spain in Madrid. On its journey, it had to pass thermal-vacuum tests at Airbus facilities in Toulouse, mechanical vibration tests at RUAG Space in Zürich, and acoustic noise and electromagnetic compatibility tests at ESA’s technical centre in The Netherlands. [...]

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CHEOPS – withstanding the sound of launch and avoiding radio interference

For the CHEOPS mission, September was a busy month of acoustic noise testing and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing at ESA's technical centre in the Netherlands. The successful tests have shown that the satellite can withstand the high sound pressures of launch and is compatible with its electromagnetic environment at launch and in orbit.

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“Switzerland is a space nation!”

The research satellite CHEOPS was developed jointly by the University of Bern and the European Space Agency ESA. At an event at RUAG in Zurich on 27 August 2018, representatives of the institutions involved in its construction visited the satellite. Among the speakers and guests were Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann, Jan Wörner, Director General [...]

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