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Mission Status & Summary

Mission Status

CHEOPS has been proposed as an S-class mission in response to the call for Proposals issued by ESA in March 2012.

On 19 October 2012 it was selected for study for the first S-class mission.

On 19 February 2014 CHEOPS was adopted by SPC.

Mission Summary

The following table summarizes the mission.

NameCHEOPS, CHaracterizing ExOPlanet Satellite
Primary Goal Known exoplanet host stars with a V-magnitude < 12 (goal: 13) anywhere on the sky (at least 50% sky observable)
WavelengthVisible range : 400 to 1100 nm
Telescope32 cm reflective an-axis telescope
OrbitSun-synchronous Low Earth Orbit, LTAN 6am, altitude 650-800 km
Lifetime3.5 years
Type S-class mission
(last update Jan 2015)

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