The CHEOPS Mission

This is the official consortium homepage of the CHEOPS mission. CHEOPS is the first S-class mission from ESA and was selected in October 2012 with a launch target for 2017.

CHEOPS stands for CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite. It is a small photometric observatory to be launched into low Earth orbit to measure transits of Exo-planets. See the executive summary for a short overview.

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This new site is still undergoing construction and more content updates will happen in the next weeks.


  • Samantha_ISS_s

«Hello Lugano, I hear you loud and clear. Welcome aboard!»

On Thursday, May 7, 150 high school students from Lugano dealt intensively with the topic space. During the event of the Swiss Space Office they listened to lectures, performed experiments, tinkered Cheops paper models – […]

  • NewsAtmoTeaser

Hot and stormy at high altitudes

Studying the atmosphere of an exoplanet, astronomers of the NCCR PlanetS derived a temperature profile with unprecedented precision. Their results are based on data collected with a relatively small ground-based telescope. This opens completely new […]

  • Cheops_poster_A4_e_low-319x450

CHEOPS-Children’s Drawings Campaign

Send your drawing into Space!

Together with the CHEOPS Space telescope, we plan to launch 3000 children’s drawings into space. They will be engraved in miniaturized form onto a plaque. The plaque will be mounted to […]

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