CHEOPS mission extended (En - De/Fr subtitles)

Artist’s animation of the TOI-178 orbits and resonances (sound on!)

CHEOPS detected six planets orbiting the star TOI-178

How a special telescope learns about new planets

Rocket Launch

Cheops Cartoon

Paxi explores exoplanets!

Cheops launch

Medienkonferenz zum Start der CHEOPS-Mission, Live ab 10 Uhr (CET)

Cheops: science in action

Cheops: Planning a perfect mission

CHEOPS - Characterising Exoplanets

CHEOPS - Assembling, Shaker, Cleanroom, Mounting in Madrid, Vibration test

CHEOPS - What is the mission?

CHEOPS Children's Drawings

CHEOPS Mission

CHEOPS space telescope getting ready for calibration at the University of Bern in January 2018.

Cheops Timelapse

Getting ready for calibration

RUAG Event

Swiss government visits CHEOPS

CHEOPS assembly at Airbus

Vibration Test at RUAG Space

Successful CHEOPS test

Testing CHEOPS at the University of Bern

Inspecting the first CHEOPS hardware

Send your drawing into space with CHEOPS

Delivery and setup of the vacuum chamber for CHEOPS

CHEOPS – Scientific goal