CHEOPS Science Workshop VI

Goal of the meeting

The CHEOPS workshop VI will be held from 11 to 13 January 2022, 20 months after the beginning of CHEOPS science operations. The workshop will be the occasion for the planetary science community at large to discuss and share the first main results of CHEOPS in different fields, from the planetary internal structure to atmospheric characterization, etc. Participants are invited to propose contributed talks and posters on all scientific aspects linked to CHEOPS, including CHEOPS based-results as well as proposals for future observations and synergies with other facilities, as for example:

Credit: Frederik Peeters / David Ehrenreich


Registration is open, please use this link. Three different possibilities for registration are offered:

The normal and reduced registration are for participants attending physically the workshop in Bern. The reduced registration is reserved for participants attending the conference with low-CO2 footprint travel means (e.g. train). The difference in registration fees is intended to help participants using low-CO2 footprint travel means covering the extra expenses associated (train tickets being typically more expansive than plane tickets).

The choice between the 'Normal' and 'Reduced' registration is left to the participants. We expect all participants to choose the registration mode corresponding to their situation. In case of change of travel plans at the last minute (e.g. planned with train, but finally done with plane) please contact us at your arrival in Bern.


Two types of contributions can be submitted:

In case you would prefer oral contribution but would still like to present a poster in case oral is not possible, please propose both oral and poster contribution.

Due to the hybrid nature of the meeting, the poster sessions will be fully virtual: all posters will be available on this website at the time of the conference. Please upload using the registration link the final version of your poster the 10/01/22 at the latest.

COVID-19 regulations

COVID-19 related regulations to enter Switzerland can be found here

COVID-19 related regulations to enter the University of Bern can be found here


Depending on the evolution of the pandemic situation, the workshop will be held in Bern at the Space Research and Planetary Science and online. The present pandemic situation is compatible with a physical attendance in Bern. Please bear in mind that the situation could evolve rapidly, and we may have to switch to a fully online meeting at the last minute.

Here are some details to reach the University of Bern and a list of nearby hotels.